Lego Set Database

February 16, 2013

As part of my Lego hobby, I've been looking for a way to create a Lego part/color histogram. In order to do this, I needed a data set containing inventories for the majority of sets that Lego has produced. A number of sites around the net have this information:

None of these sites have this information freely available for bulk download. I contacted a few of the site admins, and Nathan from Rebrickable was happy to give me access to his database content and gave consent for me to release it as a download under a CC 3.0 by-sa license.

I was asked to mention that Rebrickable's part information is somewhat normalized, so this data may not line up exactly with what is found on other sites. More information about this process can be found in a blog post on Rebrickable.

The download that I've put together contains a spreadsheet for each of the 7,783 sets that I was given an inventory for. I've tried to make them as readable as possible so that you can just open up a spreadsheet and view the inventory for a set.

Here's the download. You'll need 7zip to extract it. Enjoy!

Lego Set Database

Update: Rebrickable now makes this information freely available, and I'd recommend downloading it directly from there.

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