rep2ai: StarCraft Replay to AI converter

Rep2ai takes a replay from a StarCraft game and converts it into an AI script which can then be used to overwrite the game's defaults. This can be useful in rapidly creating a script for a mod or in creating an AI whose basic build order mimics that of a human player.

This was a project that I worked on for a while in 2007 in cooperation with the guys over at BroodWarAI. I didn't work on it at all for about three years, but I added a basic GUI to it in the summer of 2010 to make it more usable and to learn more about wxWidgets.

Rep2ai is open source under the BSD license. The code and binary downloads are all on github.

The original discussion thread on BroodWarAI is here.


There isn't currently an installer, but you can download a zip file containing all the files you need from the download page on github. You'll probably want the newest version. Everything before 0.8.0 doesn't have a GUI.

You can just unzip all the files into a directory of your choice.

Converting a Replay

With the GUI version, converting a replay is simple.

  1. Run rep2ai.exe
  2. File->Open
  3. Select the replay of your choice
  4. Select the player you want from the dropdown
  5. Use File->Run to launch StarCraft with this AI, or use File->Save to aiscript.bin to export the ai for modding


Things that should work:




Things not supported yet / known problems:

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